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Mosquitoes are insects attracted to humans due to the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other components of sweat we give off. These pests are particularly prevalent during the summer season although climate change makes them become more and more common in spring and autumn as well. How to avoid them?

There are many natural ways to keep mosquitoes away. The owners of home gardens may help themselves by growing some plants, such as geranium, catnip, basil, or tomatoes. It is also quite popular to take B vitamins to protect ourselves against mosquitoes, but we should take it into consideration that their excess may be deleterious to the organism. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water, so it is very important to remove water from baby pools or mini ponds every few days to ensure there are no growing larvae there. Nowadays we know many repellents discouraging insects from landing on skin, clothes, or other surfaces having been applied with these substances. One of the very effective natural repellents may be prepared by mixing one part of garlic juice to five parts of water in a spray bottle. There are also many ready-made repellents available in a pharmacy. They are characterized by different duration of protection and ways of application.
Usually mosquito bites are harmless. They cause itching and mild swelling. It is very important not to scratch these bites, otherwise one could break the skin, cause an infection and possibly scarring. Unfortunately, these pests may also carry viruses or parasites responsible for many dangerous diseases, such as yellow fever, malaria, mosquito-borne viral encephalitis, and many others.

Due to climate change the range of mosquitoes keeps changing – it extends from the tropical zone to the north and leads to the increased incidence of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in Europe (particularly southern).
Questions. Choose TRUE or FALSE
1. Mosquitoes are attracted to humans by CO2.
2. They are particularly nuisant in warmer seasons.
3. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to take B vitamins.
4. Mosquitoes lay eggs in rivers.
5. Mosquitoes like garlic aroma.
6. Diseases carried by mosquitoes become more and more common in Europe.

mosquito – komar
to be attracted to – tu: być wabionym, przyciąganym przez
carbon dioxide – dwutlenek węgla
lactic acid – kwas mlekowy
sweat – pot
to give off – wydalać, wydzielać
pest – szkodnik
prevalent – rozpowszechniony
to avoid – unikać
geranium – pelargonia, geranium
catnip – kocimiętka
basil – bazylia
deleterious – szkodliwy
mini pond – oczko wodne
repellent – środek odstraszający
garlic – czosnek
ready-made – gotowy
to be characterized by – tu: charakteryzować się
duration of protection] – czas trwania ochrony
way of application] – sposób aplikacji
bite – ugryzienie, ukąszenie
to scratch – drapać
harmless] – nieszkodliwy
yellow fever – żółta febra
mosquito-borne viral encephalitis – wirusowe zapalenie mózgu przenoszone przez komary
range – zasięg
incidence – zakres, zasięg, częstotliwość

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